HSP Parts

HSP 02044-S Metal Disc& Brake Pads For 1/10 Scale Nitro(DTHS01040)

HSP 1/8 RC Car Flywheel Gear 81040 081062 1pcs(DTHS01039)

HSP 1/10 RC Car Servo Arm 02072 2pcs/set(DTHS01038)

HSP 1/8 RC Model Car Nitro Upgrade Alum Clutch(DTHS01037)

HSP 02044 Disc Brake Set Spare Part for 1/10 RC Car(DTHS01036)

HSP 1/10 Front Gear Box Complete Set Drive/Diff Gear (DTHS01035)

HSP 1/10 Rear Gear Box Complete Set Drive/Diff Gear (DTHS01034)

HSP 1/10 RC car Aluminum Clutch Shoe with Spring(DTHS01033)

HSP 1/8 RC Car Air Fuel Cover Complete Spare Parts(DTHS01032)

HSP 1/8 RC Car Air Fuel Cover Complete Spare Parts(DTHS01031)

HSP 1/8 Aluminum Air Filter for Nitro engine 1pc(DTHS01030)

HSP Nitro Engine Electric Starter Back Plate Cover 1pc(DTHS01029)

HSP Gas rechargeable RC Nitro Engine glow plug starter 1.2V 1800MA(DTHS01028)

HSP 75cc Fuel Tank 1/10 Parts(DTHS01027)

HSP 1/10 Alloy Air & Fuel Filter Set 1pcs(DTHS01026)

HSP 1/10 RC Model Car Aluminum (DTHS01025)

HSP Metal 1/10 Scale Body Shell Mount 2pcs/set (DTHS01024)

HSP RC 1/10 Aluminum Alloy Body Post Mount 108037 4pcs/set(DTHS01023)

HSP Engine Exhaust Pipe Tubing Joint Silicone Gasket 3pcs/set(DTHS01022)

HSP RC 1/10 Car Aluminum Alloy Body Post Mounts (DTHS01021)

HSP Plastic Steering Knuckle Hub Set (DTHS01020)

HSP 1/10 RC car Plastic Front and Rear Bumper(DTHS01019)

HSP 1/10 Double Bearing Wheelie Bar Castor Kit (DTHS01018)

HSP 1/10th RC Car Aluminium Top Deck(DTHS01017)

HSP Flywheel Pilot Post 2pcs/set (DTHS01016)

HSP Battery Container Case &On/Off 6V Switch(DTHS01015)

HSP 1/10 Aluminum Shocks Absorber 122004 2pcs/set(DTHS01014)

HSP Metal Spur Gear 38T 1/10th Off-Road Nitro Buggy(DTHS01013)

HSP RC 1/10 RC Car Start Rod(DTHS01011)

HSP RC 1/10 RC Engine Holder W/Cap Head Screws(DTHS01010)

HSP Drive Gear 13T Diff Pinion (Front02030&Rear03015) 2pcs/set(DTHS01009)

HSP 4pcs 1/10 RC Car Shell Column Body Mounts 4pcs/set(DTHS01008)

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