Connectors and Charge

4.0mm Banana Plug to Tamiya Male 18AWG PVC Wire L=300mm(DTC07028)

4.0mm Banana Plug to 5102 22AWG silicone Wire L=150mm(DTC07029)

4.0mm Banana Plug to FUTABA 22AWG PVC Wire L=200mm (DTC07030)

4.0mm Banana Plug series Charging Wires(DTC07031)

4.0mm Banana Charging Wire PVC Wire 180mm +180mm(DTC07032)

Charging Wire PVC Wire 250mm +180mm (DTC07033)

XT60 connector1M & 2F (DTC07034)

XT60 Male to T Plug Male Adapter (DTC07035)

XT60 Male to mini Tamiya Male 16AWG Silicone Wire L=50mm(DTC07036)

XT60 Female toTamiya Female 16AWG Silicone Wire L=50mm(DTC07037)

XT60 Y Harness 1M & 2F 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07038)

XT60 connector One to Four 12+14AWG 100MM+50MM*4 Silicone Wire(DTC07039)

XT60+3.5MM 12+16AWG (DTC07040)

XT60 to EC3 12AWG Silicone Wire L=50mm (DTC07041)

XT60 to Clip 18AWG Silicone Wire L=150mm(DTC07042)

XT60 to JST, FUTABA, Glow Plug 22AWG Silicone wier L=150mm(DTC07043)

XT60 to T Plug 12AWG Silicone Wire L=50mm(DTC07044)

XT60 FeMale to Traxxas FeMale 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07045)

XT60 Female to 4mm Banana Plug with Housing 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07046)

XT60 One Female to Two Male 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07047)

EC3 to JR Y Wire L=50+50mm(DTC07048)

EC3 Y Wire 14AWG Silicone Wire L=50+50mm(DTC07049)

JST Y Wire 20AWG Silicone Wire L=50+50mm(DTC07050)

JST Male to FUTABA Female 22AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07051)

JST to 1.25 Plug(DTC07052)

JST to 51005 Plug (DTC07053)

JST Switch Wire (DTC07056)

Switch Wire JR Male to JR Male with FUTABA Female PVC Wire 150mm + 150mm(DTC07057)

Traxxas Y Harness 16AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07058)

Traxxax connector 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07059)

4.0mmBanana Plug with Housing Connector Three to One 14AWG Silicone Wire L=100mm(DTC07060)

DC Plug to Clip 18AWG PVC Wire L=300mm(DTC07061)

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